Angela Cara Linamen, LAc, LMP

Education & Training

Angela Linamen

Angela is originally from Pennsylvania and received her B.S. in Nutrition from Penn State University. Angela moved to the Northwest to attend Bastyr University, one of the most prestigious educational facilities for all Natural medicine. She holds a M.S. degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine from Bastyr in Seattle, WA with a clinical residency in Shanghai, China. In addition, Angela has studied and practices 5 Element Acupuncture.

Angela has received extensive training in Chinese Therapeutic Massage (Tui Na) and Craniosacral Therapy through Bastyr; and Therapeutic Massage through Seattle's Brenneke School of Massage. Angela has also pursued studies in homeopathy (NESH), acutonics, visceral manipulation as well as nature-based shamanism through the Sundust Oracle Institute. She engages in meditation and consciousness studies though Enlightennext. Angela is always studying new and advanced modalities and continues to build on her eighteen years of education and experience in the healing arts.


Human beings are fine-tuned, highly complex, ever-changing and growing organisms. I excel at listening to the body and then responding in a way that will bring forth optimal awareness and health. What I love about the more subtle forms of medicine is how seemingly simple procedures, adding a needle in a single location or pressing lightly on a specific point, can bring about fundamental shifts in a person's awareness and innate healing abilities. I love taking in the whole picture. Without a glimpse at the big perspective, it's hard to envision the changes and the steps necessary to get there. Also, the big picture view allows us to truly see and embody that everything is connected and plays a part in the journey. My goal is to use modalities that awaken all aspects of consciousness so that the complete being is able to live life with full capacity to deepen, expand and integrate continuously.