Resonance Acupuncture, Angela Linamen

Resonance Acupuncture offers a holistic approach to healing where together we will co-create wellness. This process uses listening to the body through the practice of awareness to identify and release the obstacles that are causing disharmony and keeping you from manifesting your full health potential. The services provided compose a complete system of medicine combining any of the following treatments:


These modalities can be applied to help your body rediscover its own ability to heal. Health is not just the absence of disease. By developing more resilience in your body, you are able to not only overcome barriers, but find your highest capacity for wellbeing.


I work with individuals to discover what the best modalities are for them to unlock their highest potential. For example, when working with infants and children, I utilize the more subtle craniosacral therapy and acutonics. While working with adults, all modalities may be incorporated. These services are focused on prevention, education and empowerment.


The World Health Organization recognizes Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine's ability to treat a multitude of common acute and chronic health disorders including: addiction recovery/smoking cessation, adjunct care for chronic illness & aging, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, cardiovascular health & hypertension, chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia, colds, flu, & seasonal allergies, digestive disorders: IBS, chronic diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, GERD, sleep disorders & insomnia, skin disorders, facial rejuvenation and renewal, scar and wrinkle removal, cancer and immune system support, health maintenance & weight loss, disorders of the bones, muscles, joints, and nervous system; arthritis, neuralgia, whiplash, carpal tunnel, sciatica, sports injuries, bursitis, muscle strain, chronic and acute pain management, stroke rehabilitation, women's and men's health issues, gynecologic disorders: menstrual irregularity, endometriosis, PMS, difficulty conceiving, menopausal syndrome, tension and migraine headache, TMJ, psycho-spiritual imbalances, post-partum care & pregnancy support